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        Development of 2016-size crystal oscillator for automotive safety applications

        ? ? We have developed the industry's smallest 2016-size crystal oscillator (model: NZ2016SHA) for safety applications in the automotive market, and we are pleased to announce that we will begin shipping samples.?

        ? ? In the future, ADAS (*1) markets will expand for autonomous driving, to improve driving safety AEBS (*2) standardized equipment will be mandatory, by installing multiple sensing devices to enhance the basic performance of 'running', 'turning' and 'stopping', making each sensor module more compact and highly accurate.

        ? ?We have been supplying the high-reliability 2520 size crystal oscillator (model name: NZ2520SHA) for automotive safety applications ahead of the industry.?

        ? ?These products are compatible with high temperatures (125°C) required for automotive applications, and are compliant with AEC-Q100/AEC-Q200 (*3) . Severe process control is implemented on automotive dedicated production lines to ensure high quality. In the future, we will use this technology to offer a product lineup that offers even more compact size and high frequency to meet the needs of our customers.

        [Sample/Mass production]

        ? ?Sample shipments are scheduled to begin in February 2020, and mass production is scheduled in October 2020.

        [Sample/Mass production]

        Under saleNew products
        Product Size2.5x2.0x0.8mm2.0x1.6x0.7mm(NEW)
        Product Appearance用于車載安全用途的2016尺寸晶體振蕩器的開發用于車載安全用途的2016尺寸晶體振蕩器的開發
        Nominal Frequency Range32.768kHz 1.5 to 125MHz32.768kHz 1.5 to 80MHz
        Overall Frequency Tolerance/Operating Temperature Range±100×10-6 / -40~+125℃ (The frequency tolerance can be narrowed depending on the nominal frequency and operating temperature range.)
        Power Supply Voltage [VCC]+1.8 ~ +3.3V
        Phase Jitter (12k to 20MHz)90fs(at 125MHz,3.3V)100fs(at 80MHz,3.3V)
        Reliability StandardsAEC-Q100/AEC-Q200 compliant

        ?(*1) ADAS : Advanced driver-assistance systems

        ?(*2) AEBS : Advanced emergency braking system?

        ?(*3) Reliability Standards for Automotive Components as stipulated by AEC-Q100/AEC-Q200 Council for Electronic Components for Automobiles AEC (Automotive Electronics Council) (AEC-Q100: Standards for Integrated Circuits, AEC-Q200: Standards for Passive Components)