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        ? ? ?旺泓企業成立于2010,最初由塑料大王臺塑集團和日本昭和電工共同投資成立,一直專注于LED、PD、光學設計 等各類光電材料產品發展和衍生。2018年與Anax以及來自國際大廠核心團隊完成整合,包括核心半導體技術及上下游優勢資源,之后完善了3大類產品:

        1,各種高規格LED(高亮度,高精度), RGB+DRIVER集成器件 ( 超小型,全球專利)應用于高要求的照明,RGB燈光各種效果顯示等

        2,光傳感產品, 比如環境光感,心率光感,接近光感,應用于智能照明, 安防, 穿戴,TWS耳機等等

        3,電源管理芯片, 應用LCD屏,高規格MINI LED屏以及充電器、適配器等

        ? ? WH was founded in 2010, originally by the plastic King Tai Plastics Group and Japan Zhaohe electrician co-investment, has been focused on LED, PD, optical design and other kinds of optoelectronic materials products development and derivative. Integrated with the core team of Anax and the International Big Factory in 2018, including the core half-conductor technology and the upstream and downstream superior resources, then improved the three major categories of products :

        1, various high-specification LED (high brightness, high precision), RGB DRIVER integrated devices (ultra-small, global patent) for high-demand lighting, RGB lighting various effects display, etc.

        2, light sensing products, such as ambient light, heart rate light, proximity light, intelligent lighting, security, wearable TWS headset, etc.,?

        3,power management chip applications, LCD screens, high-specification MINI LED screens and chargers, etc.